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  • Rashid Jamshed: Sara, You may very well be right. But so far you have made many general and emotional statements. From a well informed person like you I expect some s
  • Sara Sohaib Awan: the author of all books is one . old testament,new and quran. she is not able to trust.puting blame on others doesnot solve the matter she is deceivin
  • Rashid Jamshed: BTW. I would encourage inputs from others as well. Lets learn from each other.
57 Surah Al-Hadid Aadam And His Wife Aadam and His Wife In Quran Allah The One and Only and Marut mentioned in quran are Christians and Jews al mushrikun Characteristics Of a ( Munafiq)Surah Baqarah(The Cow) Did Prophet Mohammad Made Mistake NO Do the Ten Commandments exist in the Noble Quran? Fir'aun He frowned and turned away when blind man Iblis illegal sexual intercourse is the greatest sin before marriage or after marriage in islam In Quran which Sahaba names appear ? names of sahaba in quran Isa Ibn E Maryam Have A Father Isa Ibn Maryam Born Without A father? Malika Saba No anal sex no punishment for drinking has been mentioned in Quran other sources like hadiths Books rejected unauthentic not reliable Prophet Hud & The People of Ad Prophet Hud (Eber)The People of Ad punishment for drinking wine in quran Punishment of Adultery in Islam punishment of zina in quran stoning the Shaitaan (satan)not mentioned in the Quran sura abas Sura Al-Hijr Sura al-Qiyamah Surah Az-Zukhruf Holy Quran Surat Muĥammad (Muhammad) The Ahmadiya The Dajjal Imam Mehdi is not mentioned by name or referenced in the Qur'an The Life of Barzakh is different from the Worldly Life The Personal Life Of Prophet Ibrahim According To Quran The Quran is perfect What is an al mushrikun What Is Kafir(Infidel)unbelievers who rejects God or who hides denies the truth what is the the difference between a mushrik and a kafir Where did Nuh Ark land? where Two Angels Harut who frowned and turn back from blind man? Who frowned and turned away from the blind man Who offended the blind WHy did the Prophet frown and turn away from the blind man


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