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1. drinking any thing that intoxicates,
2. eating meat of pork,
3. 100 lashes to fornicators only if four witnesses have seen them
busy in act of sexual intercourse.{Genesis 20:2}
4. One who is proven to have given false witness gets 80 lashes.{Genesis 18:15}
5. Punish a murderer with killing the murderer unless the family of the
deceased forgive or is payed what ever amount they ask for.



Perish the two hands of Abi Lahab, and perish she? Neither her wealth benefited her, nor what she earned?She will burn in a Fire of flame woman of command, address.Around her [neck], there is from masad 111;1-5

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  • Sara Sohaib Awan: you man are fighting with me on my dream which i see in 1996-7 about Muhammad and i hear a voice He said Muhammad and i see blood on wall and He say
  • Sara Sohaib Awan: i swear my life on Allah i am not a liar
  • Rashid Jamshed: I am so confused reading your entries. At best you quote out of context. But mostly what you write is untrue and meaningless. It is made up by you. Ne

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