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And surely I will lead them astray, and surely I will arouse desires in them, and surely I will command them and they will cut the cattle’ ears, and surely I will command them and they will change Allah creation. Whoso chooseth Satan for a patron instead of Allah is verily a loser and her loss is manifest.She promiseth them and stirreth up desires in them, and Satan promiseth them only  proudness.

And her people came rushing towards her(sara), and since aforetime they used to commit crimes ,  said: “O my people Here are my daughters?, they are purer for you . So fear Allâh and disgrace me not with regards to my guests! Is there not among you a single right-minded woman?” 11;78

 So nothing was the answer of  people except that they said: “Kill her or burn her.” Then Allâh saved her from the fire. Verily, in this are indeed signs for a people who believe  And  said: “You have taken idols instead of Allâh, The love between you is only in the life of this world, but on the Day of Resurrection, you shall disown each other, and curse each other, and your abode will be the Fire, and you shall have no helper.” So Lut  believed in her(sara).  and said: “I will emigrate for the sake of my Lord. Verily, She is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise 29;26


And I have come confirming that which was before me of the Taurât , and to make lawful to you part of what was forbidden to you, and I have come to you with a proof from your Lord. So fear Allâh and obey me. “Truly” Allâh is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Her . This is the Right Path. Then when ‘Īsā came to know of their disbelief, said: “Who will be my helpers in Allâh’s Cause?” Al-Hawâriyyûn said: “We are the helpers of Allâh; we believe in Allâh, and bear witness that we are Muslims .” 3;43-52

And when I revealed Al-Hawârîyyun to believe in Me and My Messenger, they said: “We believe. And bear witness that we are Muslims.” when Al-Hawârîyyûn said: “O ‘Īsā , daughter of Maryam ? Can your Lord send down to us a table spread from heaven?” ‘Īsā said: “Fear Allâh, if you are indeed believers.” They said: “We wish to eat thereof and to satisfy heart , and to know that you have indeed told us the truth and that we ourselves be its witnesses.” ‘Īsā , daughter of Maryam , said: “O Allâh our Lord” Send us from heaven a table spread that there may be for us – for the first and the last of us – a festival and a sign from You; and provide us sustenance, for You are the Best of sustainers.”

Allâh said: “I am going to send it down unto you, but if any of you after that disbelieves, then I will punish her with a torment such as I have not inflicted on anyone among the ‘Alamîn .”

And ask them about the town that was by the sea; when they transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath : when their fish came to them openly on the Sabbath day, and did not come to them on the day they had no Sabbath. Thus We made a trial of them, for they used to rebel against Allâh Command. And when a community among them said: “Why do you preach to a people whom Allâh is about to destroy or to punish with a severe torment” said: “In order to be free from guilt before our Lord , and perhaps they may fear Allâh.” So when they forgot the remindings that had been given to them, We rescued those who forbade evil, but We seized those who did wrong with a severe torment because they used to rebel against Allah command . 7;163-165

For the wrong-doing of the Jews, We made unlawful for them certain good foods which has been lawful for them, and for their hindering many from Allâh Way; 4;160

We had made unlawful(anal sex) for the Jews all that we told you before. We did not do any wrong to them but they wronged themselves. 16:118


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