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Allâh is the Light of the heavens and the earth.

No father No son  No Man

Name  Sara Awan


I am Anti Heterosexual,Anti Men

Country Pakistan

Hometown Punjab

I like Gardens,pleasant weather.


22 Responses to "About"

I am intrigued by your blog. May Allah accepts your efforts, Inshallah.
I just would like to you know whether you can also use graphic designs to spread the islamic message?..kindly let me know.

Please let me know if you can design Islamic material.


this is stupid kaffir women.
who only believe in quran not hadith.
u dont see in quran ALLAH said follow the order of ALLAH and prophet saww.
where are order of prophet saww.
also said every nation has its sharia. and for muslims there is also sharia.

who is going to teach us the meaning of mutashaba ayat.
u are out of mind.
i dont know what kind of shiiit peoples u are.

Let me start by giving you a Hadith reference from Mishkat Shareef volume #2 Hadith # 4683. I would encourage you to read this Hadith out loud to your mother and sisters. And please feel free to share your experience with us afterwards. If you still have reservations then I can quote more Hadith references from Bukhari, and Muslim etc and let you and other readers comment. Without getting emotional we must establish some guidelines for the use of our religious literature. I firmly believe that I must faithfully believe every word that came out of Holy Prophet. And I do not think anyone feels differently. Only issue is whether we can accept the authenticity of every word that is alluded to have come out of our Prophet’s mouth. So someone questions Hadith / Hadiths is not rejecting Prophet’s command. He or she is hesitant to put words in His mouth. We know for sure, Bukhari, Muslim and all Mohadatheen rejected thousands of Hadiths that they came across. No one would question their faith, I am sure. Narrators claimed that they were definitely words of our holy Prophet. Hence if you have a reason to believe authenticity of any Hadith, we do not have any obligation to accept it even if it is quoted by Bukhari. As a matter of fact religious scholars have rejected quite a few Hadiths from each major book of Hadith. We definitely do not call Nasser Albani a Kafir.

Having said this, I would accept to exchange my views about Hadiths. I do understand difficulty some would feel practicing Islam in the absence of this literature. But let us find if Allah left us stranded or did he offer us ways to understand his message. Ways that we have been ignoring.

If anyone is willing to share their knowledge and perspective and listen to mine without getting vulgar, I welcome you with a smile. We all will benefit from such exchange. If we come with an open mind and and with minimum preconceptions we may be able to learn from each other. I know I want to learn. Lets see who is brave enough. Thanks for listening.

how can u know how to pray.
how to eat.
how to sleep.
out islam is complete.
its not easy to find the truth.
even there are some hadith daif there.
but that does not means the right and authentic are nothing.
use ur shit mind and find which hadith is authentic.
u dont see when was quran written how ALLAH preserved it.
how the leader preserved it.
the leader of angles,.
leader of prophet as.
and leader of ashab.
same is for hadith.
its on ALLAH whom he choose for which thing.
so he choose some later generation to write hadith.,
same is like us we preach like prophets.
things are delegated to many.
so hadith was also.
man curse upon u.
u are not going to be any more in sha ALLAH.
maloon kafir.

i want you dead hamarzaday

Lets refrain from vulgarity that we are spreading in the name of Islam. Where does Islam teaches us to express ourselves so negatively. I am disturbed by comments from both sides.

There are two main fundamental sources of knowledge in Islam – The Qur’an and the Hadeeth. Often people associate Islam with teachings and commandments of only Qur’an; this is true for both Muslims and non-Muslims. However this attitude of ignoring the Hadeeth or Sunnah has lead to many misunderstandings about the already misunderstood way of life, Islam. Best example being that of the perception of Islam promoting hatred. Such doubts and baseless allegations arise mostly due to partial study of Islamic literature.

The Qur’an is the directly revealed word of God (Allah) and the Sunnah gives the practical implications of Qur’an. The Sunnah shows how the commandments and teachings mentioned in Qur’an can be put to practice. Sunnah wipes of all the arguments regarding the practicability of Qur’an’s teachings. It leaves no room for something like, ‘It was easy for God to reveal but difficult for people to practice’. As also mentioned in Qur’an 17:94-95 :-

And what has kept people from believing when guidance has come to them, except that they said: “Has God sent a mortal man as the Messenger?”
Say: “If angels had been walking about on earth as their abode, We would surely have sent down upon them an angel from heaven as Messenger.”

Thus by sending a human as messenger for humans , Allah left no argument what so ever, and Allah knows the best. Thus the messenger (pbuh)’s life itself acted as a revelation and whatever he did, said or allowed is also from Allah as explained further and mentioned by Allah in Qur’an Surah (chapter) 53, Ayah (verse) 3-4.

Companion is neither astray nor being tell me the name of companion.why companion scream, what happened in the garden of refuge what the first word she utter to whom, who was near her.summer or winter, day or night whats the form it was satan .what they done.

Even though were not there to witness the revelation of the Quran but there are some internal and external evidences to help us conclude that Quran is word of God. By very definition a divine message must be free of contradictions. If this was not the case, we would frequently quote from the Bible but we do not. Even though part of it is bound to be truth, yet it is mixed with lies. And that is what makes it unreliable and useless. At the same time we must not discard it altogether. It does give us an historical perspective as to how people’s attitude shifted. I am a firm believer that being a Muslim we have no choice but to follow our prophet’s commands without any reservations. No ifs and buts. Unfortunately this is where problems starts. We do not know for sure which Hadith is reliable. If you look at how many Hadith were circulating at the time of Amam Bukhari, for instance. How many of those hundreds of thousands of Hadith did he consider reliable? How many of those collected by Bukhari are further discarded by scholars today?Many more are on the hit list of these scholars as we speak. Time and space does not permit me to further explore this subject in detail at this time. But of course these issues need to be discussed and dealt with. We need to have the same yard stick. If we criticize Bible for having contradictions and misinformation, then we must apply the same rules to the books of ahadith. I am hoping this opening statement will help us steer our discussion in the right directions. Just so that you know, I have no problem how you or anyone else understands his or her faith. this dialogue is only to broaden our understanding with different perspectives. So please do not take is personally. You seem like a logical person. I could see a sense of reasoning in your writing. Thanks for listening.

Sara I am trying to figure you out.from how you translate Quran You seem feminist. I am not much for Hadith my self. I am not against either of your inclinations. But we must not put our own spin on things. Translations and references must not be manipulated. I could be wrong and am open to hearing your side of the story. If we can I would like to exchange our views via email instead of a public forum. my email address is

“word of of the quran called women prostitutes.i am a product of herto sexuality but i am against it.”

Sara you seem very bright and learned person. Unfortunately, I also sense disappointment, and rebellion in your tone. You must have good reasons for it, I suppose. It is not my place to criticize anyone. However, we must be careful so that our frustration does not cloud our judgement nor does it broaden our focus to the point that we start throwing random, related and unrelated, arguments in the midst. As well read as you are, I would expect nothing but excellence in response from you. Having said that, please if you can, quote references. Further, we must not use text out of its context. lest we become guilty of dishonesty. I will be interested in knowing where in Qur’an women are called prostitutes. As far as my last comment is concerned, it was a reply to Haseeb Khan’s comment to your blog. I was siding with you.
We must remain open and fair minded in our pursuit of truth. After all what would we gain by putting each other down. We don’t even know one another. Let us focus our discussion on one subject at a time so that we can deal with it properly. And remember if I ask you a question, it does not mean that I am necessarily challenging you. At times I ask questions just to learn new things. see others perspectives. To find out what I missed in my studies.

We might be more in agreement than in disagreement. But we must explore it.

Where in Qur’an does it call women prostitutes? You said you are a product of Heterosexuality but you are against it. Why are you against Heterosexuality? Not addressing yours or anyone Else’s sexual orientation, I would ask you, do you oppose it due to a scientific or theological reason? Or is it a phobia or a rebellion? Please clarify.

I am not the slave of Malik Allah Muhammad what ever the name is. the quran is the post-mortem report of women . the maker of the universe got heterosexual mentality made everything like her own interest in menkind{men eater}, i am against it. that opposite sex mate in every creation is wrong.that beast all the time sleeping dreaming dirty dreams about women. a perfect lunatic sleeping on throne.

Sara, I can understand your position. But if I am not wrong in assuming, most of your impressions are from Hadith and other such material. Majority of it came from a prejudice against blacks and women. And that prejudice is not limited to so called Islamic literature either. Unfortunately whole world was and with the varying degree still is same way. we need to work on this issue. Women are just as strong and just intelligent as men. And if anyone has a different view I can certainly have a dialogue with them. My focus is on Qur’an only. As I said before, lets concentrate that. Qur’an has been misinterpreted to promote interpreter’s own prejudices and propaganda. I am not talking about minor writers. I am talking about big names, say, for example Amam ghazali. As bright as he was, he did not give women credit they deserved. I do underestimate your pain and anger. But we can not blame everyone and everything for our misery. Otherwise we would be doing the same. Two wrongs do not make a right. I would like you to give up your per-conceived notions and I promise to do the same.Both of us can exchange views and in the process learn what in reality Qur’an teaches. Understand it for what it is. We will not look at it through the prism of faulty Hadith or the writings of dishonest propagandists. I am ashamed of how men have treated women for centuries. I am ashamed how men and women have treated black men and women for centuries. I would like to learn more from you. But lets be focused. I promise you that if you showed me any fault in Qur’an, and it was convincing, I will accept it loudly. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

BTW. I would encourage inputs from others as well. Lets learn from each other.

the author of all books is one . old testament,new and quran. she is not able to trust.puting blame on others doesnot solve the matter she is deceiving herownself

Sara, You may very well be right. But so far you have made many general and emotional statements. From a well informed person like you I expect some specific references to build your case. I do agree with you that through all the books that you cited above runs a common thread. That commonalty may be an attitude of cruelty, kindness, preferential disposition towards men and derogatory towards women or the other way around. No matter how we look at these books and how we interpret them and no matter how much I agree or disagree with you, we must be very clear as to what we believe in and why. Not everyone is going to be convinced by a mere deceleration. And none of us can say that we don’t care. the fact that we are writing this blog tells us that we do care. Thanks

the fact is Meriam wrote all scriptures.the fact is there is a problem in gender the fact is Meriam is wrong in decision creating menkind and offer women for rape,the fact is meriam wanted a messiah of menkind so meriam supply women to men for rape . Allah Merriam the fact is i am also a target of meriam and menkind.the fact is Meriam is a temper and now meriam is hiding all evil garbage she wrote becoz of Merriam womenkind and earth is ruined.the first enemy is miriam and second enemy is menkind. the original author is Miriam so called angel[satan] of light .

there she is meriam asnath surah 12;31

I am so confused reading your entries. At best you quote out of context. But mostly what you write is untrue and meaningless. It is made up by you. Next time do not be so abstract. Quote references and in context.

Do you even know what you are talking about? You are constantly making up stuff. You never quote any source of your information.I could not careless if you like women. None of my business. And I can sympathize with you if you got hurt by men. If you talked about u our personal experience I. Life then I can understand it as you will be the source of your information. But you keep on rambling garbage. Hiw wou l do you feel if others talked trash about you a n dolillah refused to provide any proof of it. You talk about subjects that you have very little knowledge of. In the past I have asked you to provide any real reference to your accusation. But you utte r lyrics failed. I do realize that this is a male dominated society and much injustice is carried out against women. But one needs to remain realistic. This Miriam. And Allah is sheer nonsense. You need to tell us where areg

i swear my life on Allah i am not a liar

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  • Sara Sohaib Awan: i swear my life on Allah i am not a liar
  • Rashid Jamshed: I am so confused reading your entries. At best you quote out of context. But mostly what you write is untrue and meaningless. It is made up by you. Ne

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