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Prophet Dawud

Posted on: March 11, 2014

‘And indeed We bestowed grace on Dawud from Us : “O you mountains. Glorify with her And you birds . And We made the iron soft for her.”  : “Make you perfect coats of mail, and balance well the rings of chain , and work you  righteousness. Truly, I am All¬Seer of what you do.” And to Sulaiman the wind, its morning was a month (journey), and its afternoon was a month. And We caused a fount of  brass to flow for her, and there were jinn that worked in front of her, by the Leave of her Lord, And whosoever of them turned aside from Our Command, We shall cause her to taste of the torment of the blazing Fire. They worked for her as she desired, high rooms, images, basins as large as reservoirs, and  cauldrons fixed . “Work you, O family of Dawud , with thanks” But few of My slaves are grateful.Then when We decreed death for her , nothing informed them of her death except a little worm of the earth, which kept gnawing away at her stick??, so when she fell down, the jinn saw clearly that if they had known the unseen, they would not have stayed in the humiliating torment. 34;1o-14

And the Day when She will gather them all together, then She will say to the angels: “Was it you that these people used to worship?” They  will say: “Glorified are You” You are our Walî (Friend) instead of them. Nay, but they used to worship the jinn; most of them were believers in them.”  So Today , none of you can profit or harm one another. And We shall say to those who did wrong: “Taste the torment of the Fire which you used to belie.34;40-42

Say : “Al-Haqq (The Truth ) has come, and Al¬Bâtil [falsehood] can neither create anything nor resurrect (anything).” And if you could but see, when they will be terrified with no escape , and they will be seized from a near place.  And they will say : “We do believe;” but how could they receive from a place so far off. Indeed they did disbelieve  before, and they  conjecture about the unseen , from a far place. And a barrier will be set between them and that which they desire , as was done in the past with the people of their kind. Verily, they have been in grave doubt. 34;49-54

And these only wait for a single Saihah [shout] there will be no pause or ending thereto.  They say: “Our Rabb! Hasten to us Qittana before the Day of Reckoning” Be patient of what they say, and remember Our slave Dawud , endued with power? Verily, she was ever oft-returning in all matters and in repentance . Verily, We made the mountains to glorify Our Praises with her in the ‘Ashi (after the mid-day till sunset) and Ishrâq (after the sunrise till mid-day).  And  the birds assembled: all obedient to her. We made her kingdom strong and gave her Al-Hikmah  and sound judgement in speech and decision.And has the news of the litigants reached you? When they climbed over the wall into  Mihrâb (a private room)  When they entered in upon Dâwûd , she was terrified of them, They said: “Fear not”  two litigants, one of whom has wronged the other?, therefore judge between us with truth, and treat us not with injustice, and guide us to the Right Way.

Verily, this my enemy has 99 ewes, while I have 1 ewe, and she says: “Hand it over to me, and she overpowered me in speech.” said : “She has wronged you in demanding your ewe in addition to her ewes??And, verily, many partners oppress one another, except those who believe and do righteous good deeds, and they are few.” And Dâwûd  guessed that We have tried her and she sought Forgiveness of her Rabb, and she fell down prostrate and turned  in repentance. So We forgave her that, and verily, for her is a near access to Us, and a good place of return.

 ‘O Dâwûd’  Verily, We have placed you as a successor on earth, so judge you between women in truth and follow not your desire for it will mislead you from the Path of Allâh. Verily, those who wander astray from the Path of Allâh have a severe torment, because they forgot the Day of Reckoning.  And We created not the heaven and the earth and all that is between them without purpose. That is the consideration of those who disbelieve. Then woe to those who disbelieve from the Fire .”38 ;15-27

a Book  which We have sent down to you, full of blessings that they may ponder over its Verses, and that women of understanding may remember.  And to Dâwûd  We gave Sulaimân. How excellent a slave. Verily, she was ever oft-returning in repentance. When there were displayed before her, in the afternoon??, well trained female horse of the highest breed? And She said: “I did love the good  instead of remembering my Lord ” till the time was over, and  had hidden in the veil .

Then she said “Bring her back to me.” Then she began to pass her hand over her legs and her neck? . And, indeed We did try Sulaimân  and We placed on her throne Jasad (a body) and she did return . said: “My Lord” Forgive me, and bestow upon me a kingdom such as shall not belong to any other after me: Verily, You are the Bestower.”  So, We subjected to her the wind, it blew gently her order whithersoever she willed,  And also the Shayatin from the jinn  every kind of builder and diver,  And also others bound in fetters.: “This is Our gift, so spend you or withhold, no account will be asked .”And verily, for her is a near access to Us, and a good return .

And remember Our slave Ayyub , when she invoked her Lord : “Verily” Shaitân (Satan) has touched me with distress and torment!

: “Strike the ground with your foot: This is  water to wash in, cool and a  drink.”  And We gave her,  her family, and along with them the like thereof, as a Mercy from Us, and a Reminder for those who understand. “And take in your hand a bundle of thin grass and strike therewith (your wife??), and break not your oath . Truly We found her patient? How excellent (a) slave. Verily, she was ever oft-returning in repentance. 38;29-44

And remember Our slaves, Ibrâhim , Ishâq , and Ya’qûb,  owners of strength! and of religious understanding.  Verily, We did choose them by granting them the remembrance of the home .And they are with Us, verily, of the chosen and the best. And remember Ismâ’il , Al¬Yasa’â , and Dhul-Kifl , all are among the best.  This is a Reminder, and verily, for the Muttaqûn (pious women) is a good final return   ‘Adn (everlasting Gardens), whose doors will be opened for them. Therein they will recline; therein they will call for fruits in abundance and wine; And beside them will be Qasirat-at-Tarf  restraining their glances , of equal age. This it is what you are promised for the Day of Reckoning. 38;45-53

Verily, this is Our Provision which will never finish;  This is so! And for the Taghun (false deities followers), will be an evil final return , Hell! Where they will burn, and worst  is that place to rest.  This is so, Then let them taste it, a boiling fluid and dirty wound discharges. And of similar kind mates together,  This is the army entering with you , no welcome for them, Verily, they shall burn in the Fire!  : “Nay, you, No welcome for you, It is you  who brought this upon us, so evil is this place to stay in” They will say: “Our Lord” Whoever brought this upon us, add to her a double torment in the Fire” And they will say: “What is the matter with us that we see not women whom we used to count among the bad ones?”  Did we take them as an object of mockery, or have (our) eyes failed to perceive them?” Verily, that is the very truth, the mutual dispute of the companion of the Fire. 38;54-64



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