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it is right in islam to pray for a dead person at grave

Posted on: August 20, 2011

A dead body , can not hear.Yes, in a way if Allah  want and by Allah  will, can make him listen. Allah is listening and watching everyone.

18 And a bearer of burthen will not bear anothers burthen, and if one heavy-laden calleth for her load, naught thereof will be borne although she be of kin. Thou canst warn only those who fear their Lord, unseen, and establish prayer. And whosoever becometh clean becometh clean only for herself; and Unto Allah is the return.

19 Not alike are the blind and the seeing.

20 Neither darknesses and light,

21 -Nor the shade and the sun heat.

22  Nor alike are the living and the dead. Verily Allah maketh whomsoever She listeth to hear and thou canst not make them hear who are in the graves.

23  Thou art naught but a warner.

Surah 35 Fatir 18-23

And pray thou not ever over any of them that may die nor stand thou over his grave. Verily they have disbelieved in Allah and Her apostle and died while they were ungodly. 9;84


1 Response to "it is right in islam to pray for a dead person at grave"

The last verse is in Reference to those who died while they were on Shirk (disbelief)

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