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Khidr Name Appeared Or Mentioned In Quran ?

Posted on: July 25, 2011

Although the Qur’an does not mention Khidr as a prophet, other sources list him as one.

Khidr  not mentioned by name in the Qur’anic verses,

The Story In Quran

60 And when Musa  said to her girl-servant: “I will not give up  until I reach the junction of the two seas or  I spend years and years in travelling.”

61 But when they reached the junction of the two seas, they forgot their fish, and it took its way through the sea as in a tunnel .

62 So when they had passed further on said to her girl-servant: “Bring us our morning meal; truly, we have suffered much fatigue in this, our journey.”

63 She said:”Do you remember when we betook ourselves to the rock? I indeed forgot the fish, none but Shaitan made me forget to remember it. It took its course into the sea in a strange !”

64 Musa  said: “That is what we have been seeking.” So they went back retracing their footsteps.

65 Then they found one of Our slaves, on whom We had bestowed mercy from Us, and whom We had taught knowledge from Us.

66 Musa  said to Her  “May I follow you so that you teach me something of that knowledge which you have been taught ?”

67 SHe  said: “Verily! You will not be able to have patience with me!

68 “And how can you have patience about a thing which you know not?”

69 Mûsa  said: “If Allâh wills, you will find me patient, and I will not disobey you in aught.”

70 She said: “Then, if you follow me, ask me not about anything till I myself mention of it to you.”

71 So they both proceeded, till, when they embarked the ship, SHE scuttled it. Musa said: “Have you scuttled it in order to drown its people? Verily, you have committed a thing “Imr” (a dreadful thing).”

72 SHe said: “Did I not tell you, that you would not be able to have patience with me?”

73 Musa said: “Call me not to account for what I forgot, and be not hard upon me for my affair .”

74 Then they both proceeded, till they met a girl, She killed her. Mûsa said: “Have you killed an innocent person who had killed none? Verily, you have committed a thing “Nukr”  (evil thing)!”

75 said: “Did I not tell you that you can have no patience with me?”

76 Musa said: “If I ask you anything after this, keep me not in your company, you have received an excuse from me.”

77 Then they both proceeded, till, when they came to the people of a town, they asked them for food, but they refused to entertain them. Then they found therein a wall about to collapse and She set it up straight. Musa said: If you had wished, surely, you could have taken wages for it!”

78 said: “This is the parting between me and you, I will tell you the interpretation of  things over which you were unable to hold patience.

79 “As for the ship, it belonged to Masakîn (poor people) working in the sea. So I wished to make a defective damage in it, as there was a king behind them who seized every ship by force.

80 “And as for the girl, her parents were believers, and we feared lest she should oppress them by rebellion and disbelief.

81 “So we intended that their Lord should change her for them for one better in righteousness and nearer to mercy.

82 “And as for the wall, it belonged to two orphan girls in the town; and there was under it a treasure belonging to them; and their mother was a righteous woman, and your Lord intended that they should attain their age of full strength and take out their treasure as a mercy from your Lord. And I did them not of my own accord. That is the interpretation of those over which you could not hold patience.”

18 Al-Kahf


4 Responses to "Khidr Name Appeared Or Mentioned In Quran ?"

why u speak what u dont know there is not used hizir name in Quran its just written gods servant but not name anyone who speaks from name of god and ads to words of god is “kafir” !! HOw can that people who explain quran dare adding something from them!???

Quran didnt mention it was Khidr,
But hadiths Tirmidzi and Muslim explained it..

Why you are using feminine noun (She) for Khidar A.S ……?

because She is female by face

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