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Are Imam Mehdi and the Dajjal mentioned in the Quran?

Posted on: March 7, 2011


The “Dajjal” is not mentioned by name or referenced in the Qur’an.

It’s NOT from the Quran at all. the Quran makes NO references on Dajjal.

Imam Mehdi (ie the 12th imam) it is  not in the Quran. it is very persuade in the Shiite faith but remember the Quran is what makes a Muslim not Hadiths and in the Quran EXPLICITLY it clearly mentions to all Muslims not to split up the religions into sects according to believes either through Hadiths or political reasons or any reason for that matter, there is no such thing as Shiite, Sunni or any other Muslim. There is only Islam and its practisers are ‘Muslims’ . The dajjal is mentioned in very many haddiths again it is not in the Quran and for good reason. Haddiths practise Sunnah according to MAN they are not divine Scripture like The Quran.  Dajjal , Imam Mehdi  story commonly accepted by both Sunnis and Shiias.

The Qur’an is undoubtedly first and foremost.

See  the pages of  Quran  for yourself and see if you can find a single word on Dajjal and  Imam Mehdi from the Quran. It’s all from the  man-written Hadith.

And when the Lord of Ibrâhim tried her with Commands, which she fulfilled. She  said , “Verily, I am going to make you Imam for womankind.”  said, “And of my offspring?? ” said, “My Covenant  includes not Zâlimûn .”2;124

Then the sects differed among themselves. Woe then Unto those who do Wrong because of the torment of an afflictive Day. They await but the Hour: that it should come upon them of a sudden, while they perceive not.



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Salam sister,
I agree with you.
I think the dajjal concept is somewhat related to the Gog and Magog. Since Gog and Magog has been mentioned in the Quran, we can be sure of their existence. Dajjal on the other hand is never mentioned in the Quran, but in the corrupted scriptures other than it such as fake hadeeth and corrupted “divine” books.

I heard of some opinions that Gog and Magog are like two entities that are in rival/opposing to each other. So maybe the mentioning of them in the Quran might be an indication that they will clash one unto the other. And that this concept of Dajjal is a key element on the clash.

A clash between forces that does not believe in God, and forces that believe in the corrupted scriptures. Gog n Magog.
Such as the happening in world war I & II.


just though i would let you know that the dajjal is mentioned in the quran. i got a legitimate copy of the holy Quran form the central mosque in London and you will find the Dajjal mentioned in Surah 6. Al Anam (part 8)
quote: “No Prophet was sent but that he warned his followers against the one-eyed liar (Al-Masih-Ad-Dajjal).

I have just read the sourah “AL ANAM” but didn’t read that quote …
BUT I have found that quote on a hadith :” Anas ibn Malik said, “The Prophet said, ‘there has never been a Prophet who did not warn his people against that one-eyed liar. Verily he is one-eyed and your Lord is not one-eyed. On his forehead will be written the letter Kaf, Fa, Ra (Kafir).'” (Muslim, al-Bukhârî)”

thaks nice to read thoughts and views
for all

i am in to controversy of this thought and known well that it is never mentioned authentic and true of Dajjal and Imam mehdi ! thir is been a dough and clash on the writing and saying about the consern DAJJAL and MEHDI! But we all know that Hazrat Essa were picked in skies and one has to taste death who is alive we know this from our Holy Quran so hazrat Essa will be coming and surely when prophet comes their is an evil to conquer! Now we the humans are Superior among all the living planets worlds that is also known by Holy Book Quran…..even then we are very very very limited againt the nature and Almighty and created by him so we can not understand the complete picture that rather dajjal will be conqured or some other Fitna but surely Hazrat Essa will Come……………so we r ceated by Almighty how can we know whats goin to happen! Thanks All

You only believe that isa peace be upon him is coming back because you believed it since day one. So I understand it’s hard to let go of a dream. Just like all other religions they believe that other creations besides allah has powers. Only to find out on the day of judgement that they were wrong. The next thing that is coming to the world is the smoke. It will envelope the people it will be a painful retribution. The whole world will suffer because of the nuclear winter And the nearest communities near the yellowstone super volcano will be annihilated. Most of America will be doomed. So be patient. Our Lord is Allmighty powerful. Be afraid of allah. The dajjal is nobody and he has no power over you. Peace

sorry to tell you but it is clear in the the quran that hazrat essa is dead and will not return

Reflecting on what I’ve said 5 years ago,
I just want to say that, I’ve detached myself from Quran.
If any God would want good for this world, it would not be the God of the Quran.
He would not allow the idea of Gog n Magog to sputter out. To even think of it’s existence is to allow it to blossom.

@Mehdi…….Can u just let me know what is the verse number…..In Surah Al Anaam where is written…”No Prophet was sent but that he warned his followers against the one-eyed liar “

Reply to all,
I highly respect Sara Awan’s faith
We cannot be Muslim until we must have sincere and firm Faith in Allah swt and His Messenger’s words.
Rasool Kareem has clearly ordered his nation to worship Allah swt Alone 11:1-2. Now whoever worship other than Allah (Bukhari, Muslim and Zakaria etc.,) he is disobedient to Rasool .
Rasool Kareem has clearly order his nation to believe in Allah swt 57:8. Now whoever believe in (Bukhari, Muslim and Zakari etc., ) he is disobedient to Rasool.
Rasool Kareem clearly ordered his nation that everything is highly dangerous for you except Allah swt 51:50 meaning every book is highly dangerous for you except Allah swt’s Book (the Quran). Now whoever run after Bukhari , Mulsim and Zakari etc. books he is disobedient to Rasool. My dears Faith is not lip service you have to prove your faith with your deeds, the formula of faith: Faith in Allah swt and His Messenger + Act in actual direction of faith = confirmation of faith otherwise lip service.

There are many directives of Rasool Kareem but I have mentioned few for you information.

You must be a very stupid person. You don’t know what you are saying. No one worship Bukhari or Muslim. We seek knowledge from the Quran and the Hadith. You cannot rule out Hadith out of Islam. There are things which are not explained in the Quran. Hadith Explains those. Quran orders us to offer Salah, but does not explains how to offer Salah. This is what his messager has taught his Sahaba..Through practicle example. Sahaba have then passed his saying to us.
Tell me how to perform Salah without seeking help from the hadith I will follow your faith.

do zikr only > Allah ,Haq Allah

“Whoever obeys the Messenger has obeyed Allâh … ” (4:79)

The Nabi (SAW) has given many warnings, and many have come true already.

i don’t obey Bukhari a man.

Quran doesn’t mention Dajjal because firstly it is a test to the ummah and second that Quran clearly Mentions Not to worship Anyone But ALLAH (SWT) so any one who is a mo’min will never worship the one eyed man. Sahih Bukhari has authentic hadeeth.

Assalamu alaikum sister
I just wanted to say that this is something related to the future and lets not discuss about it now.Only if we have the real understanding of Qur’an only then we can understand the Hadeeth.
So first lets concentrate on Teachings of Qur’an and the reason why shi’te and sunni’s fight is because they corrupt the Islamic HIstory and They say some things about the Companions of Prophet S.A.W which we cannot bear. If They stop saying that then its ok. We all will be United IN SHA ALLAH

Obeying the Qur’an is also obeying the messenger, as the messenger is by definition the one who channels/convey the message.

The message itself is from Allah SWT. The messenger has no right whatsoever to change the message. So trust in the messenger as he is conveying the purely divine message.

Sister I know u read a lot on Quran and other Islamic… but the thing is that u r not the top … n all these Hadith n Sunnah ralated books n scripts cant b rejected. In short story according to u all the things accept Quran and all literature are wrong n rubbish…. I think u need a proper research .. from history books..

This verse is in the Qur’aan, look it up please:
“Fabi’ayyi 7adeethim ba3dahoo yu’minoon?”
And of what 7adeeth (stories) after it(the verses/ayaat of the Qur’aan) are they going to believe in?


Sara AWan are yu not qadiyani, ahmediyya, or mirza ghulam muhammad follower??

syed sahib. salam alykum

u said right sir…… i myself has read this in bukhari shareef that people will only take the quran and reject the hadith, and this is the second time i m witnessing this

ws salam

Salam Mozi,
Could it be because bukhari new that the hadith was fake in the first place.

I want to know the method, number and timing of offering prayer (Salat, Namaz). Where can I find in Quran?

Salaams brothers/sisters. Allah has given us a easy path to practice religion, allah the most gracious has also told us that he has made religion easy for us. But you lot sit there trying to pull out books never authorised by the most gracious. Muhammed saw also says on the day of resurrection “oh my people have deserted this quran”. Yes the quran people. Not hadith. Many hadith divert us from the path of allah. Many hadith also gives more power to muhammed saw, that you think, and praise his name more than allah. Prove me wrong people. I always hear stories that he has powers In his grave to give salaams, powers of intercession on the day of judgement. Allah says there is no intercession in the quran. I am not perfect, I am still learning and finding my way. So if you have proof for me. Then reply to me. Otherwise dont waste my time. I am not here to guide you. Allah the most gracious guides you. I am simply no more than a warner. If your so lost/worried about finding prayers in the quran. I told you before why dont you ask allah for help and trust him. Only then he may remove a veil over your hearts and soften your heart for allahs message. Till then your on your own and the majority thinkers. Salaams

Its mentioned in the Qur’aan to offer salah… saum… zakat..etc ..these r ordainments of Allah swt which has to be fulfilled …so we *refer* to ahadiths tht claim to b true … to fulfil the ordainments of Allah in the Qur’aan…sincce the Prophet(pbuh) isnt among us to teach us the ways…
We must refer only those hadiths which show its clear presence in the *Qur’aan*….none other..
Qur’aan is the only divine scripture…the only guidance to humanity..

Quran is the First source.

There is no doubt that there is any word or reference is given in Quran about dajjal and Mehdi.And as a muslim we are not suppose to discuss or search for such things which are not related in Quran.I will be much thankful if some one can show me the references of above matter in any hadees sahih or gersahi according to sunni or shia ulmas.

Brother and sisters if u r belive in only Quran than please Give me a Reffrence of 1,24,000 prophet? wher was written in Quran?
why u think whatever in Quran is a Religion?
if ALLAH want to worship about only for them than why ALLAH SWTA send Massengers? Please Understand ISLAM and Reserch kindly….

Quran is the word of ALLAH(SWT). Hadit is the word of who not even the word of Hazrat muhammad (sa). Let’s just follow HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (SA) who follwed the Holly Quran.

Sister sara do you know Dr k omar .Infact i am his student .The way you percieve islam is quite similar to what i learned.

in the same way sara i want to ask u the way of saying namaz the way of performing wudu and ghussal from qurran

Imam Mahdi is very real. He will emerge from Medina or Mecca. Believing in him is part of our faith. One of his signs is he will lose a lot of things.

Salaam Sister. I totally agree with what you have said/interpreted this matter. Our problem, sadly, as a nation is that we have made the Qu’ran subjective to the Hadith. The truth is that it should be the opposite. Hadith was compiled by Human Beings around 400 years AFTER the death of the prophet. Even if we try our level best ”humane” efforts to collect and record the true original wordings of the Hadith after 400 years (let me add the ”chinese whispers effect” here) there can be a slight probable chance of error. Because human beings are bound to err. So why do we then still objectify the Hadith, which can doubtly be faulty to some extent, over the Qu’ran which has a 0% chance of being faulty? We should read and understand the Qu’ran in our own language and then interpret the Hadith THROUGH the light of the Qu’ran. In short we should make the Hadith SUBJECTIVE to what the Qu’ran has to say. Take the Return of Jesus before the Day of resurrection for example. There is no such mention of it in the Qu’ran, then why should we believe it so staunchly? It is clearly mentioned in the Qu’ran, a dialogue between God and Jesus on the Day of Judgment. Jesus will be asked by God if he made all the people follow him as god and Jesus will say that (not the literal translation, just the jist of the ayat) as long as he was among his people he only advocated one God, but after he left and was called back to God he doesn’t know what happened. If Jesus were to return before the Day of Judgment, this would be the place where it should have been mentioned. Like wise there are many such other examples which can be quoted here where the Hadith has been glorified over the Qu’ran. Even though (do not accuse of blasphemy here, i’m just trying to be unbiased and logical) Muhammad (saw) was a Messenger of God, he was still a human being. He eat, he slept, he married, he had children, in short he had all the traits of a human being except for the addition of the Qu’ran being revealed on him. How can we glorify something a human said, which has the doubt of being altered too OVER what God has said?? Our dilemma, as a nation is that we have become oblivious of such questions and now turn a blind eye to wherever we have to actually put in effort to understand out religion. I’ve just realised that i’ve made this to long, and i apologise if i hit on anyones beliefs. But it’s high time now that we came out of our cuccoon and actually use our brains for once. Because Islam isn’t blind faith. It’s pure and simple Logic and common sense. Peace.

Assalam o alaikum to all

My dear sister Sara Awan – you have stated that “Quran is what makes a muslim not Haddiths”. Can you please tell me if you pray 5 times a day or not? If yes, then how exactly do you pray? Where did you learn it from? Last time i checked it wasn’t explained in the Quran!

The point is that we, as muslims, all agree that Quran is Perfect and complete. However, there are certain things that would require explainationation and elaboration for the common muslim. That’s where the Hadith comes in. Quran says “Obey God and his Apostle” Surah Anfal verse 8. It is true that Hadith were not compiled in the lifetime of our holy prophet (PBUH) but the responsibilty was taken by the Sahabi and they can easily be regarded as a more trustworthy source than the self proclaimed experts today!

Another thing i find really interesting is that majority of the muslims today dont follow half the things mentioned in the quran because of endless reasons yet they have the time and energy to write crap about Hadith and say that people should only follow the quran! None of the hadith i have read teaches anything negative. However, the alims today say that there are Daeef (weak) and Sahih (correct) Hadith so we can simply stick to the sahih ones. It will do you no harm as a muslim!!! You can have doubts whether the teachings of that sahih hadith were actually words and actions of our holy prophet (PBUH) or if they have been made up later by other people. In you do, then dont believe in it as something coming directly from the holy prophet (PBUH) but still practise it if possible simply because it is teaching you something positive! Why get into things we have no knowledge of and take the risk of rejecting something that might actually be a genuine saying or teaching of our beloved prophet (PBUH)?!!?

Why do people always use the number of times of prayer as the barometer? Don’t people realize how social engineering impacts civilizations in no time, it doesn’t need centuries to take up new practices to change..

7adeeth is just like bible, people changed it; end of story.
why would one trust something that essentially not divine any more?
do you believe more to bukhari, muslim, etc or do you believe in the prophet himself?
if you believe in the prophet then believe in the message that he was sent with, the Quran; end of story..


Aao Mr Johanizahri,

I dont think you got the point. The question is not about trusting Bokhari, Muslim, etc more than our Prophet (PBUH)….ofcourse we trust our Prophet more than any other. My point of using the example of prayers wasn’t to use it as a barometer. It simply proves the fact that muslims all over the world pray and ‘how’ to pray is not explained in the Quran. We all learnt that through the Hadis.

And i really dont understand the conviction with which you have stated that “7adeeth is just like bible, people changed it; end of story”!!! Its almost like saying you were physically present when it was being changed and you saw it yourself!

Allah says in the Quran that we must obey him and his prophet (PBUH). Mohammad (PBUH) was not just a preacher sent to Kafir land to spread the message of God. He was also a role model for all human kind. If you dont believe in Hadis at all, ihow are you obeying the prophet (PBUH)?

about the 7adeeth:
I don’t need to be physically present to know that the 7adeeth(alleged sunnah) has flaws in it..just as much as i don’t need to be physically present to witness the changing of the bible to believe that the bible has changed..
so were the people in the times of prophet they would have also known that at that time the bible had already changed even without a divine knowledge from the Quran.. otherwise why the resistance in the first hand..?

Believing in mu7ammad SAW is believing in the Quran as the message that was sent by the messenger. End of story.

ya u r right that no. of times and rakat are not mentioned in quran, but what is mentioned is THAT WE SHOULD PRAY!! OFFER PRAYER!! . just name a single place where name of dajjal is wrriten ! namaz is mentioned more than 70 times , and dajjal is such an important issue for muslims! why it is not even mentioned once???

shaytan was mentioned in Al-Quran and explained as an avowed enemy of Man and Djinn. In Every Surah Allah(swt) mentions shaytan’s worshipers who do not believe in Allah(swt), His(swt) Angels, His(swt) Books, and His(swt) Messengers. And Al-Quran explicitly mentions ‘We’. But shaytan is feeble.

Let me drop the bomb on you:
(1) The Dawn Prayer (Fajr in Arabic) given in 11:114, 24:58
(2) The Noon Prayer (Zuher in Arabic) , given in 17:78 and 30:18
(3) The Afternoon Prayer (Asr in Arabic), given in 2:238
(4) The sunset Prayer (Maghrib in Arabic), given in 11:114
(5) The Night Prayer (Isha in Arabic), given in 24:58

Allah says those who are kafir will never find truth in Quran. And here is a nuclear bomb:
Prayer steps given in hadith are actually incomplete. Maybe DJ Bukhari couldnt find a way to remix them?

Quran is still protected by Allah for which Satan couldn’t touch it to twist its words. So he tried to ruin Islam with hadith. The book contains blasphemy about our Prophet. Hence, its very much unholy. They say its all Islamic. But reading Talmud and Bible confirms that Hadith instructs us to do what ancient Christians Jews practiced. The stoning punishment comes from Christianity. No music and art thing is available in bible and not in Quran. Allah instructed us to not do anything extra in Islam. Hadith tells us to do the opposite.

Hadith defenders like you surprise me so much. You speak exactly like hindus who defend human sacrifice, caste system, tantric rituals and naked idols by saying its all beautiful and path to truth. Hadith contains way too many fake obscene stuff about prophet Muhammad and this includes intimate stories. Astaghfirullah, it says he practiced pedophilia, gayism and even raped female war hostages. Those who have a brain can easily tell that they were intentionally introduced to the book to insult the Prophet. I can never even read the stuff in front of my parents. And how do you know its sahih when history says that all hadith manuscripts were burned to prevent Muslims from deviating? Only Abu Huraiyra had manuscript, but he was said to be a habitual liar. And if Hadith is truly all about elaboration why on earth it did not go into the science of the Quran? Why this portion of the job later was done by a non Muslim french, Dr Maurice Bukhaili? And by the way, go check the ages of the sahabi. They were 5, 8, 9 years old when the Prophet was alive. It was normal for kids back then to take our Prophet as their friend.

Why do you always enforce that we have no knowledge and thus we can’t reject hadith? Allah told us to use brain and search for the truth. And fortunately, he promises that those who search for it will always be guided. I saw many miracles of Allah and one of them is the fact that he truly fulfilled his promise. The more I digged the more I learned about the tricks of Bukhari. He used the jewish trick of deception quite skillfully by inserting lies in between truth. This technique is still very much alive in the jewish driven media. The notion is that if one or two sentences from a paragraph looks accurate we will accept the entire paragraph as true without a second thought. You are telling the writer to practice what is found in Hadith blindly. This is the exact problem almost every Prophet had to encounter from people. They wanted to blindly worship idols and even went one step ahead to kill many Prophets for it. Just like them, you are challenging the words of Allah written in Quran. You are trying to prove that Quran is not complete which is opposite to what Allah has said. He even warned us against making extra laws which Hadith overrides.

You said, Allah mentioned in the Quran “Obey God and his Apostle”. We do not think Apostle is Bukhari. Hadith contains no seal from our Prophet. History shows he never even permitted anyone to write hadith. Do check out the hearsay experiments done on Bible. They show how words can change through hearsay within 10 minutes. In fact, you can do similar experiment right in your house if you have more than 9 people living in it. And here hadith is talking about many years of gap.

Allah subhan talah has taken the authority of protection of Quran in his hand….Hadees can never b wrong fake or erroneous, the enmities and conspiracies against Islam is from the day on both from kufar n munafiqins, the historians, or the person authorized to transfer the knowledge can be doubted, as listening is the process which changes in a second and the mass never got into the depth of the facts n figures, for 1400 years, there was the primary factual information n today we have only secondary information, which cannot be relied…..there have been created numerous false beliefs, myths and superficial information to mislead from reality and Islam….what actually is?… even the scholars of today divert and exploit the facts….the anti-christ dajjal is a either physical or non-physical but imminent and inevitable fact of the Quran…..Hazrat Essa and Hazrat Mehdi will win against dajjal at the end……dajjal will make people alive again, he will have a heaven n hell in his both hands, true momineen will not believe his heaven as heaven n hell as hell becuse dajjal will order all to believe him as one god n say heaven as heaven but actually it would be hell and hell would b a heaven….
Study cryonics on the internet ‘it a study of that medicine which will restore the dead into alive again’.

pfff dajjal will make people alive again.
How can you beleive this

Despite of discussing if Dajjal or Imam Mehdi will come or not, I think we should spend our time in learning, understanding, practicing and preaching the basics of Islam. Many of us do not know complete Namaz, Ghusul etc. Many of us never read Quran in our native language, and if never read, then, how can we understand Allah’s order?

stop the polytheism Allah says believe in him & his messenger the hadiths are complementary to the Quran if everything the messenger of god said was already in the Quran there wouldn’t be hadiths & why bother just like Jesus’s teachings & his disciple’s testimonies to his work

Cut the crap u idiots….U all think u r a the biggest scholars here. Thats y we muslims are living like sheeps and slaves because we are divided. Some idiots are on a mission to degrade our Holy Prophet (SAW). They reject sunnah they reject darood they reject hadiths…Just tell me one thing. CAN U ALL BE MUSLIMS WITHOUT SAYING “”MUHAMMAD-UR-RaSOOL ALLAH”…

Allah says in the quran that majids are for allah. Do not commerate the name of anybody else except allah. Namaaz is for allah alone. So why would our prophet repeat his own name in namaaz. That is like you repeating your name in namaaz. We dont reject it, we dont read it in nammaz coz it dont make sense. Nammaz is to worship and praise allah alone. So before ranting on at people. Research. You shall know that our prophet s.a.w was also rejected by telling people that you shall worship allah alone. So if you were there 1400 years ago with your attitude you would also reject muhammed s.a.w fact. Coz you will be saying you have to say jesus etc name in namaaz. Sallams

well sara if u only believe in Quran saying as we all should do and not hadees which we all should do as well then can u define namaz…is full namaz mentiond in Quran sharieef, the method and the order, the wadhu, ghussal , every haram and halaal and many more things. how we know that all. it came from copying from Hazrat Muhammad sallal la hu allahe wasallam. that is called hadees. let me tell u something “Allah does not love anyone who acts proudly and boastfully. be modest in ur bearing and lower ur voice”

i am not proudy 😀

I am agree with the comentetor

Very true,logical and accurate preception about dajjal and hadith, the only divine book for mankind and other creatures is al-kitab this is what i learned and firmly believe.That is exactly what my teacher Dr. K. omar tell.

sister Sara Awan, i m much disappointed to read out ur opinions about PROPHETS PEACE BE UPON HIM & HADITH
sister, this is not the way to comments
what is QURAN it is the written script of THE HOLY LIFE OF PROPHET PEACE BE UPON HIM and what PROPHET PEACE BE UPON HIM did in HIS life that is QURAN
hope you will be able to convince urself
and coming over to dajjal and HAZRAT IMAM MEHDI RA they both have to come and then HAZRAT EISA AS will come
IN SHAA ALLAH, its my pray to ALLAH that you will see all this happening on earth before ur death; it may prolong to 200 years
what all NABI AKRAM PEACE BE UPON HIM said, that has the equal authority to Quran. who told us about the Quran,, who told us about ALLAH ALMIGHTY who told us about jannah and hell
who told us about the creation of Adam AS and who gave us complete description about the world and who was the first one created by ALLAH ALMIGHTY
have u seen ALLAH ALMIGHTY, have u seen the revealing of the HOLY BOOK QURAN, have u seen the past, present and future ???
i will be waiting for your answer
MAY ALLAH show you the right path (ameen)

Imam Ali was reported to have said:
His right eye will be punctured, and his left eye would be raised to his forehead and will be sparkling like a star. Only the believers will be able to read the word ‘Kufr’ [disbelief], inscribed in bold letters, on his forehead. There will be big mountains of smoke at both front and backsides of his caravan. People will anticipate food within those mountains, during the severe famine. All rivers, falling in his way, will become dry and he will call upon people in aloud voice, “O my friends come to me! I am your lord who has made your limbs and given you sustenance.
read it; IN SHAA ALLAH it will help u to understand the theory and concepts

Sunni beliefs
Sunni Muslims believe that Isa (the name of Jesus in the Quran) will descend on Mount ≥Afeeq, on the white Eastern Minaret of Damascus. He will descend from the heavens with his hands resting on the shoulders of two angels.[8] His cheeks will be flat and his hair straight. When he lowers his head it will seem as if water is flowing from his hair, when he raises his head, it will appear as though his hair is beaded with silvery pearls.[9] He will descend during Fajr (morning prayer) and the leader of the Muslims will address him thus, “O’ Prophet of God, lead the prayer.” Isa will decline with the words, “The virtue of this nation that follows Islam is that they lead each other.” Implying that he will pray behind the imam (the man that leads the prayings) as the word of God was completed after revelation of Qur’an and Muhammad being the last prophet of God.[9]
After the prayer, Isa will prepare himself to do battle and shall take up a sword. An army shall return from a campaign launched before the arrival of Isa. Isa shall set out in pursuit of Dajjal. All those who embraced the evil of Dajjal shall perish even as the breath of Isa touches them. The breath of Isa shall precede him as far as the eye can see. Dajjal will be captured at Lod. Dajjal shall begin to melt, as salt dissolves in water. The spear of Isa shall plunge into Dajjal’s chest, ending his dreaded reign.[10][11] The followers of Dajjal will be rooted out, for even the trees and rocks will speak out against them. Isa will break the cross and kill the pig (the animal). Then all battles shall cease and the world will know an age of peace. The rule of Isa will be just and all shall flock to him to enter the folds of the one true religion, Islam.

i don’t need to read the whole thing. don’t cross the limits.
hadees is important.
if some peoples have added some fake hadith, it doest not matter all hadees are wrong.
if you do that you are not muslim.
i saw peoples abusing Hazrat ali ra, and hazrat abu bakar siddique too.
and i saw many dont respects Quran and think it worthless or say only some can understand it.
and i saw peoples throwing hadees away.
all are ignorant. if some thing is more important than it does not mean other are nothing.
both are.
if you tried ever to corrupt the mind of peoples of my time. than you will get the curse.
don’t cross limits.
preach in the favor of Quran but not against hadees.
do what your are suppose to do.
i dont like any sects. i dont like bidat. i study Quran all the time. i do study all the time. even if you choose some thing and think its gonna give you right path. you are wrong. go and read the verse. ALLAH says many get hadiat from Quran and there are whom too who get astray form it.
its ALLAH who give hadiat. even Quran cant.
if you believe the first 5 verses revealed to beloved prophet saww. within them is ALLAH has taught men with pen.
ALLAH teach you and the mean he has said. if you study any book. and ALLAH wants you to give hadiat. you will get.
but Quran you must study.
be on right path.
the imam mahdi. they put the iman with him. he would be a normal offspring of fatima ra. and he is mahdi. imam is added. and its not 12 imam. dont mixed there idea with correct one.
and dajjal will also come. and indeed dajjal mean anti messiah. and any thing against islam and Isa As would be consider as dajjal. indeed the dajjal in human form will also come. and the ALLAH has mention in Quran about the big fitna.

You have no powers to curse me or any one. Did you know that our prophet use to forgive the disbelievers. Even after what they did to him. You on the other hand is suppose to be following his footsteps. But I guarantee you that you dont even do 90 percent of the things he had to do. Isa peace be upon him is not coming in syria on a minaret. Look at syria its a mess. People fighting against each other. What security is there? Why are you on this page? Why are you commenting? Our prophet did not have internet. So what sunnah are you following? Dont worry I will still forgive you for even using the word curse against muslims on this page. Allah is allmighty avenger. He is the one to judge us not you. Sallams

Await they only that Allah shall come unto them in the shadows of the Clouds,and also the angels, and the affair is decreed! And unto Allah are all affairs returned. 2(210)

Brothers and sisters. You shall know that there is only one god, and you shall worship him alone. Allah authorised the quran, the messenger of allah preached this message. Only the quran. Hadith was never authorised by muhammed saw. Its like your life story, only you can write your own story. Even then you will struggle, allah knows you best, even Your parents dont know you nor the does
your husband/wife or your brothers/sisters or your own children know you. So why follow something that is not 100 percent truth. I dont care if you like what I am saying. But the truth is the truth. Why do you think our prophet life story was not in the quran? Its coz its irrelevant. I see a man who tells me I should keep a beard? I said its not in the quran. He said its sunnah and that we should live like the prophet did. I said Okay you have a point, so where is your donkey? Why do you have a mobile phone, computers a bmw car, televisions using electric for your lights and home appliances. He said nothing. Look we should worship allah and be among the righteous. Allah says in the quran if you follow the majority people on earth they will divert you from the path of allah. Like the one billion muslims on earth? Peace be upon you

Oh by the way there is no physical dajjal going to come nor will jesus peace be upon him. There is no sword fight nor will he come down on a minaret in syria. Wake up people. Allah says fear him alone. And you lot sit there fearing the dajjal. It is an absolute hoax. The television is doing its magic and your believing this illusion. Satan knows you are afraid and he attacks you. He only attack the weak minded the one that relies on others to think. Allah has given us a beautiful book and you spend most of your life reading tales from other books. How many of you have sat down and read it in your language? You lot spend a week and give up or a few Months. Then you think you know it all. You have to be consistant. Allah says in chapter most gracious. That he is the teacher. So why dont you ask allah for help to understand a beautiful quran. Most of you dont believe thats why you follow a unauthorised book. So you can find what ever you like in it. I was way astray following lousy books. Now the truth has come thank you allah for guiding me. So listen up im not here to argue, if you dont like the message. Dont worry all the prophets were also rejected. So you wont be the first


As a sunni, hadith (quotes of the prophet pbuh , noted by his companions) is there for us to follow
There are many non authentic hadith but as it is known bukhari&muslim are two more authentic sources.
Yes the Quraan is there for guidance & for mankind but certain ayahs of the Quraan are understood differently by different people. Hence, some hadith come in line with some verses of the Quraan to help us understand what is meant better.
To completely reject hadith if you are sunni is wrong because hadith by bukhari&muslim are sunnahs of the prophet pbuh which we should look at & copy, use it as guidance
Not all sources are authentic & i agree there but personally as Sunni saudi Muslimah following makkah i would still believe in hadith by bukhari&muslim & the Quraan, together

Salaams brothers and sisters. Since I was born in a muslim family we were told how to pray namaaz and how to walk and how many rakaats to pray, 5 namaaz is in the quran and when to pray them. Rakats was not included because it was practiced since day one. The religion we follow is the religion of abraham, namaaz has been practiced since then. All the 5 namaaz is universally practiced exact the same. 2 fajr 4 zhur 4 asr 3 magraib and 4 isha. No matter where you go in the world people pray the same. Just like walking and running. We certainly dont need books to teach us something that has been practiced since abraham. And it was also practiced by our prophet saw. So whats your point trying to debunk me with your hadith books. Nobody converts without help and guidence. But the hadith you uphold besides the quran. Confirms your disbelief in the allmighty allah and his messenger. In the quran you find no contradictions and in hadith there are too many. So how do we pray is confirmed by muslims and you have followed the messenger. And not hadith which has added so many things that divert us all. Why do you think muslims are not united? Little example One says you can do wadhu on socks some say leather, quran says wash your feet to your ankle. Get it!!!! This is why muslims will never unite. One allah, one book, one religion. Salams

Quran: the hypocrites say that you muhammed is the messenger of allah. And allah says that he knows that he muhammed saw is the messenger of allah and that you are liars. Get it!!!! Read it a 1000 times if you dont understand it. The hypocrites love to say ya rassollulaah. To divert you. Why cant you say ya allah. Allah is our god. He is the one who gives and takes he is the one who loves you more than your own parents. But instead of allah. Hypocrites replace allah with muhammed saw. That he loves you most he will save you. He will intercede on your behalf he can hear your salaams. Get it. Allah says in the quran those who worship allah do not do so without commiting idol worship.

9:97 The Arabs of the desert are the worst in Unbelief and hypocrisy, and most fitted to be in ignorance of the command which Allah hath sent down to His Apostle: But Allah is All-knowing, All-Wise.
Al-aAArabu ashaddu kufran wanifaqanwaajdaru alla yaAAlamoo hudooda ma anzalaAllahu AAala rasoolihi waAllahuAAaleemun hakeemun

can any body who agree with this topic on mahdi and dajjal can just tell me the way of saying namaz and wudu according to quran

Besides detailing the four steps of ablution, verse 5:6 clearly establishes that the Wudu is a symbolic cleaning ritual. (See also 4:43).

[5:6] O you who believe, when you observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), you shall: (1) wash your faces, (2) wash your arms to the elbows, (3) wipe your heads, and (4) wash your feet to the ankles. If you were unclean due to sexual orgasm, you shall bathe. If you are ill, or traveling, or had any digestive excretion (urinary, fecal, or gas), or had (sexual) contact with the women, and you cannot find water, you shall observe the dry ablution (Tayammum) by touching clean dry soil, then rubbing your faces and hands. GOD does not wish to make the religion difficult for you; He wishes to cleanse you and to perfect His blessing upon you, that you may be appreciative.

please can the quranists clarify what is meant by the following verse of the quran: “And whatever the Messenger gives you, take it, and whatever he forbids you, leave it. And fear Allah: truly Allah is severe in punishment”

I would like to inform you all, mahdi, dajjal, and the second coming of JESUS, none of it is mentioned in the quran, the second coming of jesus is from the tails of the jews and christians, and not to say alone that the Hadeeths on the Dajjal is all WEAK hadiths and they contradict each other, if anyone wishes to know any of the information i wrote and bring up the contradicting hadeeths and anything else please just go ahead and email me at

I will not say anything from my own opnion i only show the facts of the hadeeths and how the hadeeths relating to the dajjal and mahdi and JESUS (PBUH) is all false.

im not saying that DONT follow the hadeeths
in order to follow the hadeeths you must ensure their validation.
because at the end of the day
it is the hadeeths that tells us the steps of how we pray


and may allah not hold anything against me for if im wrong its not my intention, but allah gave us a brain to use and use it wisely

Ultimate Logical Truth about Imam Mahdi, worth reading –

The only logical truth is that no one will come. It’s all fabricated lies to divert people from doing good and going towards allah. The end of the world will come suddenly. It will come suddenly because people like you will be waiting till mahdi and isa peace be upon him comes to save you. Don’t you get it we only seek help only from Allah. It’s in the first chapter of the quran surah fatiha. Instead of reading on fabricated stories. Warn people to worship allah alone. Warn them from the inevitable day. That is your mission. Not telling them about things that are not gonna happen. Like the smoke that will envelope the people. That is a painful retribution. Please stop following the majority. The majority will divert you from the path of Allah. That verse is also in the quran. Salaams

listen to Prof Ahmad rafique akhtar ……”Hadith tehqeeq e jadeed k tanazur main”…

Everything is mentioned in quran, the word of Allah. Only those who have one eye cannot see it, the guidance or those who called themselves false god.

A school whose aim is to deviate ordinary muslims cannot deviate anyone but themselves, but they know not.

Non beleivers says Quran is Man made, so called beleivers (hypocrites) says ahadith are man made, the only truth is to accept whatever they are saying.

O truthfuls guard yourself, you will be alone in the grave.

hadiths are man made fact. Quran was given to the angel Gabriel passed down to Muhammed saw. Who preached this message to the people day and night verse by verse slowly years by years Until each ayat was understood to the people. The message was spread out by followers of the prophet saw. Till a day came after 100 or so years where people started to spread there own version years by years till 2014. Now we have thousands of hadiths which do not even relate to the quran and contradicts. Dajjal does not even face trial on the day of qiyamah for misleading people. Allah puts everyone on trial even the messengers of allah. So tell me which hadith besides the quran do you believe in? Are you calling me a hypocrite? When I invite people to my lord. You invite people to follow what you found your parents practising. Hadiths!! Instead of being against people who follow the messenger of allah. You should take time to socialise with them you will find them practising good. Even when they do wrong when they are reminded of there lord they will ask for forgiveness. So why am I so different to you. One god one religion one book one qiblah. Peace

Verily this is the word of a most honorable Messenger, Endued with Power, with rank before the Lord of the Throne, With authority there, faithful of his trust.

But those who believe and do righteous good deeds, and believe in that which is sent down to Muhammad — for it is the truth from their Lord, He will expiate from them their sins, and will make good their state.

Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but he is the Messenger of Allâh and the end of the Prophets. And Allâh is Ever All¬Aware of everything.

Absolutely sister. Following Muhammed peace be upon him. Is following what was revealed to him (quran) and what has been revealed to us (quran). Salaams

Truth is always bitter.. its just a story we have made up…. and talking of bukhari i totally respect. nevertheless it was compiled after 200-300 years and thats a lot of time for ahadith to change. allah only gave the order of protecting the quran only not the ahadith. may we all be guided towards the straight path… “Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian.”(chapter 15, surah al hair, verse no 15-9)

god almighty has taken responsibility of saving Quran, does he took same responsibility for any other book ? and if any human written book is also free of faults and as true as quran then what about the MUAJZA of quran to be remain unchanged till the last day.
And dont you think why something is mentioned in quran and why something is not ? there must be a good reason for that ?

Sheikh Imran Hosein is a leading Islamic scholar who has made brillaint interpretations of what the Quran and Hadiths say about the end times.

“Clarity About Reality By Sheikh Imran Hosein”

a false messiah, forty days – a day like a year.

Britain is Tamim Dari. The Dajjal will come from Tamin Dari.

“Sheikh Imran Hosein – Russia, Syria and the End Times”

See it on YouTube – intelligent interpretation of how today’s events were foretold by the teachings.

“Clarity About Reality By Sheikh Imran Hosein”

This is the Last Age, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT- Shaykh Imran Hosein

The things that will be talked about in this lecture, you will not get to hear in Friday Khutbahs from your Imaams.

Search for “This is the Last Age, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT- Shaykh Imran Hosein” on Youtube.

I respectfully think you will find it worth your time and you will be impressed by Shaykh Imran Hosein – a man of rare integrity.

please as a muslim brother read all what i say, so basicly thats how the christians view basicly what im saying is 300 years ago or 400 years ago if you asked a christian they would tell you the anticrist will be coming and this is the last age, also many muslims also think that

now i tell you this one thing and please think about it very well its a pasage from the Quran

42:17-It is Allah who has sent down the Book in truth and [also] the balance. And what will make you perceive? Perhaps the Hour is near.

54:1-The Hour has drawn near, and the moon has been cleft.

22:7 And [that they may know] that the Hour is coming – no doubt about it – and that Allah will resurrect those in the graves.

so basicly over 1400 years ago it is said in the quran that the hour is near and that ONLY Allah knows when the final day be,

it could be next week it could be 5 thousand years and it could be more.

all we know its near and only allah knows, so for that sheikh to say that this is the final age and i also once heard him say that the gog and magog will come out within the next 100 years,

now you ask your self the question, only thing that tells us about gog and magog is that when they say Insha’allah the bricks will open

no where in any hadeeth or the Quran does it say when and this sheikh thinks he knows the answer that only allah knows

be wise to what you listen to and open ur mind up and think, and ask your self the questions of, does this really make sense is this valid ? is this true? dont listen to something and believe it without using the brain allah gave you


please as a muslim brother read all what i say, so basicly thats how the christians view basicly what im saying is 300 years ago or 400 years ago if you asked a christian they would tell you the anticrist will be coming and this is the last age, also many muslims also think that

now i tell you this one thing and please think about it very well its a pasage from the Quran

42:17-It is Allah who has sent down the Book in truth and [also] the balance. And what will make you perceive? Perhaps the Hour is near.

54:1-The Hour has drawn near, and the moon has been cleft.

22:7 And [that they may know] that the Hour is coming – no doubt about it – and that Allah will resurrect those in the graves.

so basicly over 1400 years ago it is said in the quran that the hour is near and that ONLY Allah knows when the final day be,

it could be next week it could be 5 thousand years and it could be more.

all we know its near and only allah knows, so for that sheikh to say that this is the final age and i also once heard him say that the gog and magog will come out within the next 100 years,

now you ask your self the question, only thing that tells us about gog and magog is that when they say Insha’allah the bricks will open

no where in any hadeeth or the Quran does it say when and this sheikh thinks he knows the answer that only allah knows

be wise to what you listen to and open ur mind up and think, and ask your self the questions of, does this really make sense is this valid ? is this true? dont listen to something and believe it without using the brain allah gave you


makid, thank you for your reply, but may I correct you on this point – “this sheikh thinks he knows the answer that only allah knows.”

If you watch more of the lectures by Sheikh Imran Hosein, see YouTube, you will be pleased to see that he regularly says that he does not know and he does say that only Allah knows.

He respects the intelligence of his audience by telling them that they should not believe him – he asks that they listen to him but then go and do their own study, listen to other speakers and then form their own opinion.

He does say that his view is an interpretaton and only Allah knows – but his interpretations do seem to relate closely to recent history and to today’s curent world events.

Even if you do not agree with his views, please recognise that this accusation – “and this sheikh thinks he knows the answer that only allah knows” – is unjust and false.

Majid, I apologise for my typing error in your name.

I really ought not to type without wearing my glasses.

“Illuminati Exposed 2014 : End of Times and World War 3 by Sheikh Imran Hosein 2014”

Sheikh Imran Hosein discusses Khidr and Akhirulzaman and eventually answers why the names Dajall and Khidr do not appear in the Quuran.

Can anyone please identify the exact real hadees (es) from where to find how to say namaaz.

World reknowned Islamic scholar –
“The Coming of Imam Al Mahdi Interview with Sheikh Imran Hosein in Pakistan July 2013”

A great man passing on wisdom.

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