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it is not allowed in Islam to change the gender, Harm it  and doing so will be changing of Allah’s creation.

And surely I will lead them astray, and surely I will arouse desires in them, and surely I will command them and they will cut the cattle’ ears, and surely I will command them and they will change Allah’s creation. Whoso chooseth Satan for a patron instead of Allah is verily a loser and his loss is manifest.He promiseth them and stirreth up desires in them, and Satan promiseth them only to beguile.
4 Surah An-Nisa (119-120)

the hermaphrodite gender is an exception. only a sign of Allah’s Power of creation, for a wisdom He knows better.

The only exception is related to a person who has both genders potential in body, so a medical treatment can be sought to unify one gender. In this case it will be a correction, and not a change in the creation of Allah, the Almighty

 The example is the story of ,the people of Lut

Allah  forbids any sexual relationships other than in a marriage.

Many homosexual men and women claim that they are born with their sexual preferences and that they have no choice.  may Allah Forgive them .

this life is a test. Everyone goes through their own test.  Some men or women may never marry in their life, or spend part of their life without a spouse.   It is a major test and not an easy one for many and many fails in it also so who done mistake pray for forgiveness From God . Only those who submit to Allah they can to follow His law.


  • zillur: Writer is most probably hadith rejector. hadiths rejector are those who say that they follow quran but not hadith. Circumcission is not mentioned in q
  • zargham: Truth is always bitter.. its just a story we have made up.... and talking of bukhari i totally respect. nevertheless it was compiled after 200-300 yea
  • asla187: Absolutely sister. Following Muhammed peace be upon him. Is following what was revealed to him (quran) and what has been revealed to us (quran). Salaa
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